Discovery, dreaming, and the unknown!

It took almost five months for me to start this blog. Sure, I had been thinking on and off for a couple years about starting a blog of some sort. But as I thought about the endless possibilities, I knew I had to narrow it down to a select few ideas.  Would it be health & wellness, homeschooling, living with Multiple Sclerosis, or blogging about our RV travels? I just couldn’t wrap my mind or heart around the “right” topic. Maybe, I just was not ready or maybe it was not the right time.

It did take all these months to recover from ending our old life and  feeling I was physically capable of taking on the responsibility of writing a well-written blog. There are so many days that are up and down for me with MS, but something inside me just said to GO,…….what was that “thing” that urged me to take charge? I am not really sure, but I think it boiled down to following my intuition.

For my friends who know me well, you know that I follow my intuition when I make decisions in my life or how I offer help to those in need. I literally got up one morning last week and said, “I am writing about our RV travels. I am ready and I am starting as soon as possible”. It was intuition and nothing else. There was no internal argument where I weighed the pros and cons and stayed up endless nights worrying about all the reasons I should not write. I did not doubt myself. I did not think of all the potential hurdles.  I just let my intuition say YES to this blog. I think it was meant to be!

The blog will morph over time I am sure, and I think that the writings will include those initial blog themes I considered such a long time ago. Each of those subjects are too ingrained into who I am. My family, my health, my new life path are essential to my being. I will have to share those passions with you as well! I hope that all of my readers….yes, that is YOU!……. will enjoy these stories and gain insight into living a well-intentioned life.  I hope to entertain, maybe make you cry, and hopefully fill your heart with inspiration!

I am very excited to begin this journey, and I look forward to sharing my discoveries, dreams, and the endless unknowns that my family and I will experience everyday!


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