What happened?!?

Long time no news, I know. Some time ago, I had a fabulous post that I was working on and then life went nuts. It went crazy in a very, very good way! You must know by now that there is never a dull moment in the life of the Hobgoods.

We have been in the San Antonio, TX area since late December. My daughter May is completing her training for the Navy at Lackland Air Force Base, and she asked that we stay and support her. So, we decided to hang out until she finished her program. Luckily, we can modify our schedule and move around the country at our leisure.

You are probably wondering what the heck has been going on? Ha Ha! I wonder that same thing all the time. But seriously, I have been on a mission lately. My mission has changed my entire household and those who are close to me. Where to begin?

I must go back to late September 2017. Champlin and I were staying at Bald Ridge Creek Campground while Keith was finishing a project in downtown Atlanta. We were having a lovely time, and I was learning to drive “The Golden Snail” all by myself too. The weather was cooler so I was able to get outside some during the day. That is something I do not normally do as hot weather sends my MS symptoms off the charts.

I was sitting outside with Champlin and we were cutting out a construction paper craft project. He and I decided to invite our friends at the campground to the fun later that day. My friend Hannah and her three children were going to join us, and I remembered that Hannah had told me about a woman who was staying at the campground across the way with her two children. So, I thought if I saw her I would invite her too.

A little while later, she walked by with her kiddos and they began playing at the park next to our campsite. I popped over, introduced myself, and invited her to craft time. Of course, like any Hobgood does, excessive talking commenced. Well, what I did not realize was that Stacy was a talker too! Instantly, we started yammering about everything under the sun. Eventually, we ended up talking at her site and then back at mine. We were instant friends!

A couple days later, Stacy and I were supposed to get together with the children and take them to the park, but I got really sick. It was awful! Keith had given me his very bad cold. I told Stacy I could not leave the RV and she walked over with a diffuser and three oils. She said, “Don’t worry about it. Take this diffuser, put three drops of each oil, and rest up.” I knew she was a Young Living oil distributor and I didn’t really think much of it at all.

I did as I was told and after 30 minutes I was in total shock! The oils were making me feel better. Again, I didn’t really get too excited except the longer the oils diffuse the better I felt. My spirits were lifted; my head and chest felt remarkably better; and I DID NOT want that diffuser to leave…….but Stacy was departing that day! Grrrrrr!

After some hours, she came to recover her precious oils, but I was determined that I was getting in on all that goodness. We exchanged information and she helped me sign up with Young Living. Later that day, I had a premium starter kit ordered and all I had to do was wait for my oils to arrive.

It seemed like an eternity, but a couple weeks later that magic box arrived along with a bottle of lemongrass that Stacy suggested I order so I could make a “pain roller”. I was just happy I got the kit and had the oils I needed to support my family naturally when it came to a cold or flu.

Little did I know,  this is when the real magic was to begin! Once I received the pain roller recipe, I immediately tested its effectiveness. I suffer from ongoing MS pain and use medication to handle this everyday issue. That night, I was experiencing arm pain so I grabbed my pain roller and applied the oil. I remember thinking, “I won’t be surprised if nothing happens!” Well, five to ten minutes passed and ALL of the pain was gone! I was really onto something now!

I was completely hooked and immersed myself in learning how to focus on wellness and to create a toxin-free life for my family and me. Little by little, I learned to use my oils and started to substitute chemical laden items I purchased from the store with toxin-free Young Living products. People with autoimmune diseases (yes, MS!) have a difficult time processing free radicals so every little toxic element I removed from our home made my body process fewer foreign substances.

I was ecstatic to take control of my body! It was the first time, in what seemed like forever, that I felt like I had a wellness approach that could change how I lived my life. Since I started using Young Living essential oils, life has been a wild ride of Mother Nature’s goodness everywhere!

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