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I was loving my essential oils so much that I started to look at my family to see what I could do to help them with their health and well being. At the time, Keith and I were in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Keith was finishing a project about 45 minutes away, and he was struggling with what he thought was an ear infection.

I had not had my Young Living oils that long so I was still quite the novice with them, but I began to research both online an in the Essential Oils Pocket Reference book to see how I could help him. Let me give you a bit of backstory on Keith as it applies to his journey.

Keith has had asthma and eczema his entire life, and he believed when he moved from Georgia and made Colorado home 40 years ago that both health issues improved tremendously. However, we sold our house and everything in it last June, and he took a job that would have us back in the southeast. Because the southern United States is so humid, Keith assumed he was allergic to mold and it was the fungus that contributed to his woes as a child.

Little did we know, he had countless other problems occurring within his body. I am by no means a doctor, but I am a dedicated research queen, and I aggressively began the process of learning about essential oils and how they could help Keith. Initially, I thought Keith had a simple ear infection because of his symptoms, but while I was researching ear infections his eczema had gotten really bad. We discussed what had changed and were trying to figure out what we could do.

We both decided that obviously the humid weather was the major culprit but what were we going to do? We weren’t leaving the south anytime soon and we didn’t want any western medications as the only thing they had done over the years was treat symptoms and not really address the core issue. But what was the core issue? I was desperate to find answers.

Keith’s ear remained problematic and we began using tea tree, lavender, and frankincense with a carrier oil to manage the horrific eczema that was on his ears. It finally got to the point that he went to urgent care and was prescribed a combination steroid/antibiotic ear drops. His ear was clogged; he couldn’t hear, and the itching/oozing pain had reached the unbearable point.

I was fervently scouring the Internet, and one day I came upon an article that detailed eczema as being a symptom of a candida overgrowth. There’s the fungus that Keith thought was at the center of his woes! Could Keith have suffered with lifelong candida excess? The more I read, the more I learned and the more I was convinced! This was it! Upon researching further, I looked at the symptoms of a candida overgrowth and Keith had 99% of them. It was a relief and a shock at the same time.

I used to think that candida overgrowth was nonsense until I went through it myself a year or two before. It’s common for people with autoimmune diseases to struggle with candida so it made sense when I was trying to get over my own issues. I had ongoing athlete’s foot infections, yeast infections, angular chelitis(splits in the corners of your mouth), fatigue, brain fog, and frequent UTI’s. Mind you, western medicine does NOT recognize candida as a problem.


As I shared all of the information with Keith, he decided he was ready to completely reset his body and we were going to use essential oils to support and correct the issue. In November, Keith surrendered his care to me and we were on our way to aggressively changing his body. Candida thrives off of sugar, yeast, and stress. Alcohol breaks down into simple sugars so that was the first item to go.


Then, he went on a gluten free diet. Gluten foods are filled with yeast and create excess simple sugars that feed candida so we changed that, too. We also LOADED him up with essential oils that created an unfriendly environment for candida. He was ingesting lemongrass, cloveoregano oil, and thieves blend as these oils have been used historically for infections, inflammation, and candida. Keith also was taking caprylic acid (coconut) as it is a big candida killer.

He instantly lost weight, but, he got very ill, too. Candida die-off symptoms can leave you in bed for weeks. He was excited that he was actively changing his life but his suffering was unbearable at times. His body broke out in eczema everywhere. He could barely function and each day seemed to get worse, not better. Over three weeks, he lost ten pounds and then the weight loss slowed down and he could not exercise because he suffered from diaper rash and hemorrhoids (yes, these are both candida die-off symptoms). It was awful for him!

Hilton Head, Day 9. Notice his swollen face and eczema rash on his forearm.

Now four months later, he has lost 22 pounds, is still losing weight without exercise, and unfortunately, continues to experience ongoing candida die-off symptoms. Luckily, it’s not horrific like it was last November. Through our research, we discovered that he has systemic candida overgrowth and it could take two full years for his body to completely heal, but the essential oils are what have made this all possible. They are key to his success! Young Living’s commitment to quality is unbelievable and the company’s product line is the only one I trust. Both Keith and I are completely different people since we began our oil journey, and feel that everyone can share in the amazing benefits that a toxin-free natural life can provide. It’s a wellness approach that everyone can master.

Please know I am not a doctor and I am not suggesting that you do anything your doctor doesn’t advise upon doing. I am also not saying you should use essential oils to diagnose/treat/cure any ailment. This is what has worked for us and we believe you can support your body by using essential oils. Much love to all!

December 31, 2017-he’s doing much better!

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