The road to more change……..


Well, we finally have decided it is time to head out of Texas after spending two and half months here. Why so long in one place? It is a bit of a story! My daughter, May, joined the US Navy last October; she finished basic training in December and moved to Lackland AFB to complete her training as Master at Arms (aka Navy police).



We drove from north central Florida in late December to spend the holidays with my son,  Matteo, and my May. Little did we know at that time, but Texas was about to become our home for a while.


May remains my proud, independent, “I’ve-got-it-all-handled” child; but once the holidays were over, she asked that Keith, Champlin and me stay in Texas while she completed her training. Because we roam the open road, it was an easy decision to make. We moved out of the expensive RV Park located in San Antonio, and headed for the Texas hill country.

We drifted around Canyon Lake a bit, but we settled in a quaint, little RV park in Spring Branch. The facility was absolutely lovely, well maintained, and the people were nothing short of amazing! We have met such great folks from all over the place, and I even co-hosted my first oil class (that was a tough one as I spent the next week in bed recovering……MS…..grrrr!)


Our sweet spot at Spring Branch RV Park!
The infamous Spring Branch barn where you get your mail, have parties, and visit for hours…..

Anyway, home was Spring Branch RV Park since late January and during that time, both Keith and I had been completing a tremendous amount of personal work as well as planning for what our future would look like while traveling. I need to backtrack a bit though!

When Keith was laid off in October, he instantly began searching for more work as a traveling construction manager, and Keith interviewed with numerous companies as he looked for that perfect fit. He had a few solid leads that were quite promising, and we were content with lying around Texas and enjoying our time with May until Keith secured a new position. However, we changed course! I guess that’s a good thing and why we chose this life.


The ever growing essential oil collection because, yes, there is an oil for EVERYTHING!

Young Living Essential Oils

My essential oil love continued to blossom, and as I learned more about Young Living essential oils I shared with others about what an amazing discovery I had made. But the discussion was not all about oils; it was about ALL of the amazing products Young Living has to offer. The more I learned about the products, experimented with all of that goodness, and benefited from using them, the more I was driven to share. No, I did not set up a booth or go knocking on RV doors saying, “Hey, wanna hear about my oils?!?!” I am the last person to SELL anything, but that is not what this entails. If a discussion came up, I shared, and when another discussions came up I shared again. Then, I shared again and again and again. And guess what? Every time I shared and helped someone begin his or her journey, someone’s life improved in some way! I was helping people help themselves. It was invigorating as there is nothing more rewarding to me than helping people in some way.

Other Young Living goodies……

I have Multiple Sclerosis and that has not changed. However, I am supporting my body in a non-toxic manner that has made me happier. I take fewer western medicines and Young Living has given me a new approach to my health that I did not know existed. One of the greatest things I discovered was  how much my whole family has benefited from this new approach to living well. Yes, I know I sound like a broken record for Young Living essential oils, but they are simply that good. However, I do have to warn you that they will make you look at your life differently, and you will take risks you never thought you would take.

Making essential oil gummy bears

In February, all of Keith’s hard work in obtaining a new job had paid off. He received an opportunity to work for a company that would have our family traveling to Puerto Rico. Several weeks before the offer finally came, we would have been elated for this job opportunity. Remember me telling you about the personal work that Keith and I were doing? Well, we had been listening to audio books together. Some books were spiritual; some were about Young Living, and others were about business development.

EO 101 Class

One morning, I asked Keith if he would like to grow Young Living as a business and keep spreading the word about the company’s wonderful products. I do not have much energy, cognitive function remains challenging, and pain is an ongoing issue. Not to mention, I have to keep a slow pace with lots of breaks and zero stress to function in a somewhat normal sense. I thought Keith would be great at sharing, and he had his own amazing story for how Young Living essential oils had changed his life. He would  be able to spend more time with Champlin, help me more on a daily basis, and enjoy HIS life more. Most importantly, he could grow a company that is based on serving and helping people. It seemed like a win-win situation to me.

Yes, yes we are crazy!

With all of the personal exploration that Keith and I had been doing, we came to a solid conclusion what our new life path would look like. It was crazy, unpredictable, scary, and did not provide us one ounce of security. We discovered our purpose……….commence drum roll………Keith and I decided that even if he received a job offer that we would not accept it.  A Young Living business made more sense to us as the opportunity for growth had zero limitations. It also meant personal FREEDOM. We looked at each other and said, “Isn’t this why we wanted to live in an RV and travel as much as possible”?

Living life his way!

One week after we decided Keith would not accept a job, a solid, AMAZING, best-job-offer-ever was delivered to him. Talk about a test! It was excruciating to turn down, but we did it!  It took less than 24 hours to think about, but we said NO. We said NO to employee bondage, and YES to personal freedom. Keith and I have never been surer of ourselves then we were in that moment. We made a decision based on creating the life we want and one that is heart-centered and focused on helping to make the world a better place. Our adventure continues, Wednesday, March 7th, we begin the long drive to Colorado where freedom, uncertainty, new discoveries, and friends and family await.

Please peruse our Young Living web page AND contact us at to discuss beginning your oil journey.




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