How To Find Inspiration Everyday

I have always been drawn to the consideration of inspiration in my life. Wayne Dyer showed me that even the word, inspiration, means “in-spirit” which I like very much. When you are in-spirit, I believe, everything that you need falls into your lap. The right person, the book you needed, the information you were seeking, the money to get started, all fall into your grasp because you are following your bliss. Sounds very neat and tidy but I know that you have experienced this in your own life. Arthur Ashe said, upon reflection of the year in which he won the US Open, that he was in the “zone”. I call that being in-spirit. I call that inspiration. So, how do you find your inspiration when you need it? How do you make it consistently accessible?

Finding Your Desires

If you have had trouble connecting to your inspiration, you are not alone. I have often struggled to find the inspiration to follow my own bliss until I learned to look for it within myself. Regular meditation and writing in an intention book help me to discern what it is that I desire to bring about in my life. Bringing clarity to your desires leads to living your life on a more intentional basis rather than one based on reactionary actions. This is not to say that you cannot look outside of yourself to find inspiration. In fact, increased knowledge about your own desires contributes to an ability to better recognize people, ideas, and resources that will help you achieve your desires. Clarity of purpose through focusing methods such as meditation, intention books, and interaction with creative, active people will increase your ability to access your own inspiration.

Creating Energy

When you surrender yourself to your inspiration, your purpose becomes clear and you will begin to feel joy because you are following the truth within you. This sets up a powerful energy loop that feeds and renews itself. Your meditation and intention create clarity of desire which leads to inspiration, to realization and joy which in turn builds a powerful, positive energy field. This positive energy lifts not only you, but those around you, which generates more inspiration to spread into all areas of your life.

Be like Dorothy

Simplistic? Perhaps, but if you find yourself looking around for inspiration, think like Dorothy: there’s no place like home. You have the truth inside yourself waiting to be discovered and released. Practice daily meditation to distill what it is that you desire. Write down what it is that you wish to attract into your life in an intention book. Allow that desire to inspire you to attract and move toward what it is that you want in your life. What have you got lose?

—Keith, Erie, CO

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