How To Calm The Hustle And Bustle

Even though we travel full time in our RV, it is easy for us to get lost in all the details that consume our daily life. You may think that life is stress free for us, and we do not have a care in the world. But just like you, we have bills to pay, a house to clean, doctor appointments, kid duties, our relationship to tend to, and so much more. I have to remind myself that I need to be present and enjoy the life we have chosen.

This guy knows how to chill…….

When we made the choice to live on the road, it was partially because there was always too much on our plate and we never felt we could give our full attention to our family. So, how do we calm hustle and bustle?

Be like the Buddha….

I adhere to the following list so that I remain present, reduce my daily work load, and enjoy life.

  1. Turn the TV off – reducing noise will bring peace to your surroundings
  2. Read a book together – encourages family time and shared adventures
  3. Get outside and just take time to breath the air – clears your mind and reduces stress
  4. Talk/Share about the best thing that happened to you today – helps create close relationships and appreciation
  5. Get an atlas out and talk about adventures you would like to have – sparks imagination and keep your life adventure alive
  6. Cook together as family – empowers independence and self-reliance
  7. Diffuse essential oils – creates a peaceful atmosphere that support emotions, mental clarity, and physical well being
  8. Call a friend – nurtures the need for socialization and renews bonds with people we do not get to see regularly
  9. Limit social media time – setting a specific schedule reduces computer time and helps us remain present
  10. Establish 15 minutes of “ME” time – allows us to love and nurture ourselves so we      have more energy and focus for our family

Life is incredibly busy, but we have the power within to create the life we want. It takes practice, perseverance and commitment, but choosing to live a freedom-focused life empowers us to live our lives according to our terms and no one else’s.

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