How to Shape Your Personal Life Path

When we drive across the country, I find myself thinking about my attitude about life. Yes, I spend a considerable amount of time in contemplation. It is a habit I developed as a coping mechanism for how I manage my MS. Why do I think so much? Am I wasting time? How does it help me?

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One of the biggest issues that effects my daily life is stress. You may think, “Well, you don’t work, so how can you have stress?” My stress originates from daily life and includes anything ranging from simple time commitments to lending an ear to a friend in need. I have to consciously process stress or the MS symptoms become exacerbated immediately. If I do not actively manage how I react emotionally to “regular” life, I suffer tremendously and all of the pain, fatigue, reduced cognitive function, and my physical capacity are affected.

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So, why am I sharing about coping with MS and stress? It is rather simple actually, and I believe this approach can benefit anyone who chooses to embrace this way of life. If we spend less time complaining and more time appreciating the abundance we have in our lives, we can be happier and live a far less stressful life.

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Here’s the technique…….

  • Accept disappointment as perfection. Whenever something does not go exactly as planned, move beyond your disappointment and trust there is a reason it did not happen in the timeframe you wanted it. Remember, life unfolds at precisely the right time.
  • Try to complain less about ailments. Honoring your sickness or personal limitations is completely acceptable but by complaining less our personal challenges have less power over us. By focusing more on what is right in our life, we feel a deeper appreciation for what is good in our lives.
  • Appreciate and express daily gratitude. When we focus on what we have versus what we lack, our lives feel more plentiful. Our attitude changes from a life filled with limitations to one full of possibilities.
  • Express daily empathy without absorbing another person’s energy. By practicing compassion, we lead a less judgmental life and appreciate our lives more. Focus on actively listening and intentionally accepting that the problems are not ours to fix. This method helps to protect our emotional well-being, defines healthy boundaries, and reinforces intentional living.
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Every person on the planet has his or her own unique life challenges, but how we process those struggles determines our quality of life. Luckily, we each possess the power to define our lives as successful, and it is up to us to create the life we want. Are you ready for the change?

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