In November 2016, our family decided we wanted to embrace our gypsy souls and become nomads! We wanted freedom, adventure, and to expand what we consider the path of a happy and well-lived life. My husband Keith, my son Champlin,  and I were ready to embrace life’s opportunities and savor each moment that we have on our beautiful earth.

It took seven months to clean house! By cleaning, I mean we had a 3000 sq. ft. home and a three car garage filled with 20+ years of life or just “stuff” we had been collecting. The entire process was incredibly emotional at times, but we had to prioritize because we were planning on living in less than a 300 sq. ft. motorhome.

Each month, we eliminated more and more of our belongings. There were countless trips to Goodwill that had everything from small hand tools to games that we had not played in ten years. Frankly, it was ridiculous how many things we had been hauling around. My husband joked frequently about our “freight train of junk”. Purging the wretched excess did help us feel like we were truly making a change for something better.

While we liquidated, we also finished the basement to have a more profitable house sale. Keith worked so hard for months! In addition, we had our daughter May’s high school graduation which required a party at home.  But the fun didn’t stop there! We had to help our 20 year-old son Matteo move into his new apartment. To top it off,  he needed a house full of furnishings and we wanted to help him get settled.

Our family united!  The entire process was challenging on so many levels that I cannot even begin to list them. Keith is 62, and I am 44 and have Multiple Sclerosis. Over those seven grueling months, I think that’s the hardest I have ever seen him work! As for me, I spent lots of time supervising. MS rules my world in many ways, but I was more than happy to offer a “helpful” opinion throughout the process.

We were literally down to the wire when all the work was finally finished. On June 5th, we launched into our new life, and the adventure began!

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